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La Coyota Mexfood Ltd. is a food & beverage company established in Shanghai, China since 2013 with the conviction of satisfy the growing demand for Mexican food in China dedicated to promotethe authentic Mexican cuisine and culture around the world. We offer a wide variety of Mexican products elaborated with the highest quality ingredients and completely handmade. Our Services include; Pop-Up Taco Bar Kitchens, Pre-cooked Mexican Food Products, Personalized Catering Services, as well as F&B Consulting and International Fairs, among others. 

Taco Bar Shops

Our Taco Bar Pop Up Kitchens bring closer to you authentic Mexican food in a takeaway concept, making it convenient, accessible and delicious.  With the idea of being able to fit and set up in any space, our Taco Bars offer unique recipes, including options in beef, pork, chicken and vegetarian dishes, those who have tried them acknowledge the genuine taste of homemade Mexican food.


  • West JianGuo Rd 374 Near TaiYuan RD
  • Middle Wulumuqi Rd 292 Near WuYuan RD
    乌鲁木齐中路292号靠近五原路Our delivery services is available through:

Catering Services

La Coyota GOES!!!

La Coyota goes with anything, everything,anywhere and everywhere, but always with you!

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OurPersonalized Catering Service can go anywhere and fulfil the needs of different occasions and style amaze your friends, family or coworkers with the bestMexican dishes.

Mexican Food Products

Our products are elaborated with the highest quality ingredients, in an artisanal way and following authentic Mexican recipes; our aim is to bring the genuine taste of Mexico to your table.

CLICK HERE  to see our variety of products In this section you will find more than 30 ingredients and products delicatessen for those with a Mexican heart. For more information or simply to make an order send us an E-mail to

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Middle Wulumuqi Rd. 292, near Wuyuan Rd.

West Jianguo Rd. 374, near Taiyuan Rd.
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